Q. How long does it take to charge the electric vehicle?

  • Time taken by the EV lies between the range of 20minute to 6 hours depending upon the battery capacity of the vehicle and power of the charger.

Q.What are the charging options available for my vehicle?

  • We have a wide range of charging options available for all-purpose. Charge your EV at home using our domestic charger or find the nearest public charging station access to over 2,000 stations pan India by using our smart user-friendly mobile app.

Q. What will be the cost to charge my EV?

  • The average cost to charge the EV is 18/- INR to 28/- INR per unit of the electricity meter. This means you can charge your EV for as low as, 3/- INR per km for 4 wheeler & 1/- INR per km for 2 wheeler & 3 Wheeler.

Q. Is Charjet compatible with all protocol?

  • Charjet has chargers with all protocols and to locate your specific vehicle you can search for the location in our Charjet smart app.

Q. Does Charjet have AC & DC charger?

  • Yes, we have both AC & DC available.

Q. How Charjet is better than competitors?

  • We have the largest network of service engineers across our charging station. 
  • We have a dedicated 24x7 support team to enhance your experience. 
  • All out chargers are of the highest quality and durable
  • Our seamless operations are the best in the network.

Q. Can I set-up a station in my apartment common area?

  • Yes.

Q. What will happen to the car battery, if I use DC charger?

  • Every Manufacturer prescribes a certain mechanism, most of the manufactures suggest one AC charging after every three times DC charges.

Q. What are the names of protocols you have?

  • We have protocols of CCS,  CHAdemo, Bharat & GB/T.

Q. Does Charjet have battery swapping option available?

  • Yes, we have battery swapping available for three-wheelers.